Product Insights

Deliver a fantastic service booking experience for your customers 

How SBA works for dealerships

The Service Booking App platform is highly configurable enabling a dealership or dealership groups to manage different brands, locations and service descriptions from one to an unlimited number of dealerships.


System driven bookings

​The application is triggered by data from systems such as a DMS, CRM or CSV data ingested into the platform. A customized URL link is sent to the customer via either text and/or email. This URL link immediately launches SBA, providing customers a rich, personalised user experience.


Customer driven bookings

SBA enables a rich service booking experience where a customer wants to make a booking from the main dealership website of their own accord. Whilst dealership websites typically offer the ability to request a service booking, SBA automates the management of the booking and provides more accurate scheduling and transport options for the customer.


Automate the sending of Service Booking invites through integration with your primary service database


Integrate seamlessly with CDK Autoline Rev8 and other DMS systems. For large dealerships where two way integration is not possible we offer Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate bookings between SBA and the DMS.


Whether you are managing your customer service lists in a CRM and/or campaigns, SBA can integrate seamlessly to automate both the invite and booking process.


Deliver a CSV dataset directly into the Service Booking App to trigger email or text notifications out to customers in need of services.



For Customers

  • Significantly reduce time to booking

  • Receive vehicle specific service options

  • Receive a range of convenient transport options

  • Have confidence to book a service slot that suits you
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For Dealerships

  • Reduce cost of administration by having the customer confirm the booking time immediately 

  • Increase bookings due to ease of use

  • Increase brand presence and NPS

  • Integrate customer data for automation of processes

Common Questions

How does SBA work if I don't have a DMS or CRM?

Even if you don't have a DMS or CRM system SBA can work for you. The SBA platform can ingest CSV file data with all your customer information. The SBA team has a template of how best to present this data to standardise the approach or can undertake a custom initiative to map your data to the platform.

How SBA works if you have a DMS system that only exports CSV data?

That's perfect. The SBA platform is set-up to manage exactly this scenario. The SBA team would also talk to you about your options to automate the export of CSV data so the process could work seemlessly as possible for you.

How SBA works if you have Autoline Rev8 as your DMS?

You're in luck. The SBA platform has been pre-integrated with Autoline Rev8 as a feature. Talk to the team about how you could take advantage of this.

How SBA works if you have a DMS or CRM system that can be integrated via an API?

The SBA platform has an API and the SBA team can undertake custom integrations for customers who wish to explore this option.

How SBA works if you use a CRM system for email marketing campaigns?

The SBA platform has been designed to work with your existing CRM driven marketing initiatives. The SBA platform generates a unique URL address for each customer link embedded into an email (or Text) that enables your dealership to send highly personalised content to each customer.