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About Us

Get to know the story behind SBA and the team that made it.

SBA has been designed and built in collaboration with one of the largest dealership groups in Australasia. 

With partners around the globe the SBA product is a fantastic solution to augment existing DMS and CRM systems to deliver a modern digital customer experience.

We're a team of passionate product developers focused on making it easier for dealerships to transform their customer experiences.   

Passionate about fixing problems

The SBA team understood the many challenges dealerships faced with their existing DMS systems. And to cost effectively augment these systems rather than replace them was often seen as desirable.  So the team developed a solution that delivers a world class customer booking experience that augments existing systems.


It's just the start of the jouney

We see dealerships wanting to deliver world class digital customer experiences.  The after sales service booking is just one touch point.


So the team are working hard to roll out the next innovations to support this over the coming months.  Watch this space.



Global Partnerships

To make sure dealerships across the globe can talk to a SBA expert in their region we have a growing network of SBA partners.  Talk to our team to find out who can best help you.


SBA is 100% owned and operated by Experieco Limited

SBA is owned and operated by Experieco, a New Zealand based business that has operated since 1971.  Experieco has developed a number of solutions for the automotive service industry for both Roadside Assistance and Car Dealerships.

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