Quick Start

The SBA platform can be up and running within weeks 


Step 1.

Select one of our pre-designed UI templates that we customise with your images and text.

Step 2.

Set-up the CSV data ingestion from a DMS / CRM or other data source.  Additionally set-up platform configurations

Step 3.

Test and deploy the application to a small group of customers. Once tested successfully deploy into production.


The SBA application and platform has been designed to make it possible to deliver a branded and personalized customer experience quickly. This is achieved with a highly configurable application and platform.


You can make several configurations that 'customise' the app to each of your dealerships. This includes setting the unique number of appointments each dealership can handle per day, number of loan cars and even times to make loan cars available.

Test & Deploy

Once all unique configurations, images and text have been made in the app for each of your dealerships we undertake simple and quick tests to ensure everything works as it should. Then you are ready to use SBA as you need.

Quick Start Benefits

Production Rollout

Can be up and running between 2-4 weeks depending on key stakeholders availability and having all the right design assets on hand.