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service booking sales and reduce admin costs with SBA

“With SBA, we increased our first time email contact conversion rate to 30% from 8% and 62% of customers who open the app made a service booking. Awesome results.“  

Steve Newman – Giltrap Group

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“SBA is designed to work with any Dealer Management System (DMS), delivering a personalised modern digital experience that increases service booking conversion rates.”

Alan Leigh CEO Experieco

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"The SBA product really helps our wholesale network of dealerships with a fantastic modern well designed Service Booking Application that can augment existing DMS systems"

Matt Tohill

General Manager Digital - European Motor Distributors

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Why SBA?

SBA has been designed to augment almost any DMS and/or CRM system to deliver benefits fast.

Please download the SBA comparison matrix. This compares SBA features to dealerships existing web forms based booking solution. 

Product Benefits


Easily augment your existing DMS

SBA can work with your existing DMS and CRM to automate service bookings, reducing the time taken to administer bookings and freeing up precious resource.


Increase service booking sales conversions

Intuitive, mobile first UI increases the chance of immediate booking by customers


Increase customer satisfaction

SBA supports increasing NPS. It achieves this by providing personal customer information coupled with richer service options

How it works


Step 1.

SBA is a highly personalised app that is launched from either a text or email message

An email (or text) is triggered by the DMS or CRM system prior to a Service Appointment (e.g. 4 - 5 weeks)

for the service appointment.  The SBA platform cleverly presents unique links for every customer to enable personalized detail to be surfaced in the application.

Step 3.

62% of customers that enter that application make a booking
  • With a well designed personalized user experience the app converts 62% of customers that enter the app into confirmed bookings.

  • A scheduled service appointment is generated by the application so customers can have that easily scheduled in their personal calendars.

Step 2.

Open Link, Select & Confirm
  • Clicking on the message immediately launches the service booking app. No need to download an app from the app store 

  • Confirm your vehicle and select recommended or additional service options, transportation options and preferred time of drop-off

  • Finally, review and confirm your appointment.

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